About Me

Offline, I am a mixed-media and digital artist who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. My interests are varied, but at least I rarely get bored. Here are some of the things I’ve been into and still come back to from time to time:

  • Drawing, pastels, charcoal
  • Mixed media painting and other artwork
  • ATCs, Inchies, etc.
  • Miniature making
  • Clothing construction and design
  • Jewelry making (mostly earrings and bracelets)
  • Book making and art journaling
  • Desktop customization, skinning, etc.

Most of the examples I have of this stuff can be found on my Flickr Photostream.

I’ve been working with Adobe Photoshop since about 2002, and I’ve gotten comfortable enough with it to actually refer to myself as a “graphic designer.” I love grunge and weathered textures, and anything that looks old and worn. Most of my designs reflect this, although occasionally I do a few kawaii-style cutesy things here and there.

About the Site

I started out selling on Etsy in May of 2009, but always with the intention of getting my own webspace eventually. I used to actually have a website of my own called Wayward, but it was hosted on free servers and I found I couldn’t really do everything there that I had originally envisioned for my own webspace. My old site never actually had anything for sale on it (that was before I got involved in mixed media art), but I used it to offer glimpses of my artwork and free downloads of things that I made.

This whole site is run with WordPress, and designed from the ground up by me, based on the in-house framework we use at the company I work for. I’m so used to building my sites from scratch that it was overwhelmingly confusing to try and dig through all the styling that other pre-made themes have by default. I’m pretty well-versed in HTML and CSS, and am learning PHP, javascript, jquery, ajax, and wordpress slowly. After that I hope to conquer some non-web based programming languages.

There are a few other places on the web where you can find me. Currently my items are for sale on Etsy here:
And from time to time I enjoy showcasing the things I make (paper-related and not) on my Flickr photostream here: