Yay, freebies! Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Here you can find samples of some of my work, backgrounds for your desktop, photoshop brushes and other resources, and the other little things here and there that I like to give away for free.

Free Samples

Free ATC, inchie, and other paper craft samplesCollage Sheets and mini-sheets that contain a mix from my products. Print them out and use them for free!
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Desktop Backgrounds

Free desktop wallpapers Some of these are based on my scrapbook papers, and other are just things I’ve put together for kicks.
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Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop Brushes These are from my old site, Wayward {brushes}, which I had to stop using a while ago due to restrictions with my webspace provider. Now that I don’t have those restrictions anymore, I can offer them for download once again! These brushes will all work in Photoshop 7 and above, and I’ve included image packs for most of them, for those of you who use other programs.
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Photoshop Resources

Most of my Photoshop resources I’ve put together because they were things I’ve needed over and over. But because they’re so useful, I feel a bit selfish keeping them to myself. If you’re an intermediate to expert Photoshop user, you may enjoy working with some of these.
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