My potatoes finally sprouted!

I guess it’s been about four or five years since I started trying to garden, and every single year since then, I have completely and miserably failed. I do think one year, I managed to get some flowers (transplants–not from seed) to not die for a handful of months during the summer, but that’s about the most successful I’ve been aside from tending a few very easily maintained houseplant vines.

However, this year it looks like I may actually be able to harvest some vegetables by the time fall rolls around. It’s probably due to a lot of different factors (no dogs chewing and digging things up, got started in February, more time to spend on gardening), but whatever the exact cause, it’s very gratifying to finally see some success after all this time trying. Because we always get some very excessive droughts every summer around here, however, I’m not going to rejoice just yet. We’ll see what happens when my garden has to make it though a month or more without any rain.

For now, though, I get to watch my little garden grow! Most importantly, I noticed yesterday that the potato pieces I had almost given up on have finally sprouted!
More of my potatoes

Aaaaand more potatoes

I did not know that radishes would be so easy and quick to grow when I planted them. I was surprised to see this when I peeked inside the radish pot:

Young radish

I planted about 30 strawberry plants or so. I’m not actually that crazy about strawberries really–I just kind of went crazy and expected them all to die. It’s becoming somewhat obvious by now that they’re not going to, at least right now, and I’m not really sure what I’ll do if they all decide to produce fruit at the same time. Anyway, one of them decided to blossom, and I’m not really sure what it’s going to now.

Strawberry plant

Also, see those little green sprouts popping out of my mulch everywhere? They’re weeds–specifically, the ones that produce stickers during late summer and fall, and I HATE them. They’re trying to take over at a ridiculous rate and as of right now I really have no idea of what to do with them besides pulling them each up and mulching.