Works in progress

Well I have actually been working on a very large number of crafts lately, but I can’t post them yet because they’re all for swaps! So those will stay secret until later this month, after I’ve sent them off and they’ve been received. In the meantime, here are some older things that I’ve done (which still aren’t finished).

This will be a journal cover. It’s based on Craftylittlemonkey’s simplified Teesha Moore patch tutorial on Flickr, but I decided to make it monochromatic instead of using lots of different colors. I really love all the colorful Teesha Moore-inspired crafts out there, but it struck me that it would look very elegant if done in one color (or maybe two).

All-white lacey Teesha Moore inspired journal cover in progress

All-white lacey Teesha Moore inspired journal cover in progress

All-white lacey Teesha Moore inspired journal cover in progress

All-white lacey Teesha Moore inspired journal cover in progress

And here is the charm quilt I’ve been making for my son’s bed. I’ve been at this thing FOREVER, but now that I have my Singer I think it will be easier to finish. My Brother machine is rather small, and I didn’t think I would be able to quilt the whole thing on it (it will eventually be a full-sized blanket), but there’s more than enough room on the Singer, so I won’t have to worry about renting or borrowing a machine. Yay!

Patchwork charm quilt in progress

Patchwork charm quilt in progress

As you can see, I have a little helper. There is nothing more in this world that my cat loves to sleep on than the projects I haven’t finished yet–especially the sewing ones (though she doesn’t limit herself to just those. She’s also fond of sleeping on paper, jewlery supplies, books, you name it), which sucks when they’re swap crafts. I don’t want to have to send things off covered in cat hair. It’s odd–I’ve had several cats over the years and each of them seems to have a different type of thing that they like to sleep on. I had a black cat who loved to sleep on…wait for it…white things, a prissy cat who only liked to sleep on messy things, and the cat I have now makes a beeline for craft projects.


Simple Patchwork Purse from Stash

Simple purse made from patchwork

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get rid of my MASSIVE fabric stash as much as possible, and I figured I could use some more purses, I put together this thing a few weeks ago. It’s fairly simple, just some patchwork with a border around it, and one strap. I didn’t put any pockets or a zipper, since I’m only a novice at purse making and don’t always have much time to sew, so I left off the extras.

The brown border and handle is made from faux suede. I bought TONS of it ages ago for a vest project which fell through, and ever since I’ve been trying to get rid of it. I kind of hate it by now, but it does look really nice on purses. The green batik was a cheap bandana from Hobby Lobby, the orange fabric belonged to my great-grandmother (the same who owned the Singer–it was part of her stash), and the reddish-magenta fabric is some quilting cotton I must have gotten when I was about 10 or 12 (I keep things FOREVER).

The lining was an impulse buy from a few years back that I couldn’t resist because it was so adorable. I need to actually use it up, but I still love it and wish I could find more in the same line.

Here’s a closeup of my crappy hand stitching on the inside–I probably should have stitched the handles on before I attached the lining fabric, but I was hoping that this way it would be stronger. It doesn’t really bother me anyway.

Some more shots:

I ironed everything first! I promise!

All in all I’m really happy with it–it’s the perfect size for me!